Ed Slott Retirement Rescue 2014

Ed Slott’s Retirement Rescue on PBS is amazing!  What people really want to know is this – are you okay?  Are your accounts setup properly?  Does your advisor truly know what they are doing?  Many other questions are likely right there too.  Who’s Rick is likely there too – read my bio. I have an amazing offer for you – I will provide you with a complementary copy of Ed Slott’s 2014 Retirement Decisions Guidebook (price is usually $12.95 plus shipping).  What’s the catch is the first response.  Well, you have to be open to looking at your situation, seeing if a second opinion is of interest to you.  If you’re not open to a second opinion – the book is not for you.  The second catch – you need to be in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We can work with people from all around the country – if you really want our assistance, give me a call to discuss how this works.

Ed Slott Retirement Rescue 2014  provider, Richard Loek - Ed Slott Master Elite IRA Advisro
Richard “Rick” Loek Biography

If you would like to find out how we make a difference with individuals and families, call our office to schedule a complementary consultation.  In this consultation you won’t be sold anything.  I will be asking a few simple questions to help you determine if there might be an issue with your current retirement account(s).  Call 408-459-8383, if we are busy assisting other people, you will need to leave a message.  We don’t sell or share anyone’s information – we dislike pushy sales people too!

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Returning to the office after attending Ed Slott retirement rescue 2014 training in April. We like sharing what was learned at the training.  Ed Slott is the creator of the Retirement Rescue System.  Richard Loek is a member of the Master Elite IRA Advisor Group. Mr. Loek highly trained in the Retirement Rescue system.  We review the base concepts and study changes in the laws that affect our clients, who are just like you.

Read our press release about attending the Spring 2014 Master Elite IRA Advisor group workshop Click here or copy and paste this URL


Higher level of training Ed Slott Retirement Rescue 2014ed slott retirement rescue 2014 - Proud member of Ed Slott's Master Elite IRA Advisor Group

Here is a sample of information we learn and exchange – read more here

Much is learned by spending several days working though workbooks and by interacting with other specialists. There is something to be said for investing in my training.  This investment demonstrates my commitment to my clients.

When working with any professional, do you want the generalist or the specialist?  You can find the specialist in your area at iraHelp.com

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We are unique in that we can work with people from pretty much anywhere in the country.  Give us a call and see if we are a fit for your needs.

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