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After serving clients and the public for over 10 years we have realized what we do best.  That is ADVOCATE, EDUCATE, & DISRUPT.

Advocate means to stand tall for our clients and what is right.

Educate means to teach clients of the options that allow them to make informed choices.

Disrupt is at the core of who we are.  By advocating and educating we are disrupting the norm of financial services.

The Department of Labor (DOL) has broadened the scope and definition of a fiduciary.  We have gladly chosen to be and operate as a fiduciary.

The broader definition has caused Stock Brokers, Registered Representatives and Variable Annuity sales people to change their business models. (Thrown out through appeals of those who couldn’t handle be constrained by being a fiduciary).

I’ve stated boldly that there are no Variable Annuities that will pass the Fiduciary Rule.  Zero, nadda, zip!

How can this be true?  If there is a solution that will outperform a Variable Annuity the financial advisor is obligated to use it – or violate the core of the fiduciary rule.

As I reflected on why the DOL focused exclusively on retirement accounts I was left not knowing exactly why.  When confronted with not knowing the answer I’ve been trained to ask questions to look for possible solutions. Here are some questions:

  • Did they think all variable annuities would be considered retirement savings?
  • Did they think all savings are retirement savings?
  • Is their scope or reach limited to truly retirement identified accounts?
  • Do They expect the SEC to step up and address all other investments


To advocate means standing firmly for a client. Fighting the good fight as it were.


Teaching about the buckets of money, the pyramid of risk, taxed now, forever taxed and never taxed - we are guiding our clients to make informed choices.


Perhaps you have seen people who protest. Sometimes they have a bullhorn to get through to the crowd. Here we are boldly calling out the bad people, the bad products => and replacing them with the good or tools that prove through math to be in the best interest of the client.

We offer a complimentary consultation.  
No pressure – just answers!
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