Women and Money Seminar

We are proud to announce an upcoming seminar that we have created, “Empowering Women – Money & Their Future “. What is most exciting is the hidden components we will be discussing with students.  The almost hidden aspects of money.

  • DISCOVER your MONEY BARRIERS and breakthrough them
  • DEBUNK common MONEY MYTHS women have regarding money
  • LEARN the FIVE KEY ELEMENTS to an Effective Financial Future
  • CHOOSE what’s next and be EMPOWERED for your future

I think this video conveys quite clearly who I am and it does so in one minute and 33 seconds (1:33)

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Retirement Planning Process - The biggest retirement planning mistake

This 3-part seminar series will be held September 9, 16 & 23, 2014.  They are in the evenings from 6:00 – 8:30PM

This seminar has been created at the request of our friends at Hourglass workshops – we are truly honored.

The initial response has been rather amazing.  Women are excited about the twist this course brings to the attendees.
You can officially register at HourGlassWorkshops


For starters, I don’t assume this to be a fit for you. I do believe you know people this will be a perfect fit for though. Please review the registration web page. If you find people who are appropriate – please share this web page with them.

I was invited to create and teach a seminar series to empower women regarding money and their lives.

I am honored to have been invited to do this.

The seminar is an outside the lines seminar series. By this I mean that most all seminars on money are designed to sell the audience on something, a product that the presenter has.

This series does sell something – it is selling you to yourself. That is I’m building confidence in the room. Building the spirit of the people. There is of course mechanics of money to discuss but until we discuss and conquer the barriers we are in denial.

The first class was this past Tuesday, September 9, 2014. There are two more classes and I’ve created a special opportunity for those who want to attend to makeup the first session.

The cost, the reality is that I’m not charging, there is however overhead expenses to cover. The price is therefore set at $155 per person or $225 for two people to attend.

The registration web page gives some details. I would encourage people to speak with Nancy Burns or Cherryll Sevy about why they picked me out of all the advisors they know or considered. Also, now that the first class is complete they are raving about their choice.

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