Credit Scores higher is better

Credit Scores, do you know what your score is?  There is much to learn about credit scores.  We are not in the business of managing credit score ratings.  We have met people who expertise in the area of credit scores.

This article came in today from the FT (Federal Trade Commission).  When the government thinks enough to train people around credit scores there must be a valid reason.

Here is an exerpt: Using a statistical program, creditors compare this information to the loan repayment history of people with similar profiles. For example, a credit scoring system awards points for each factor that helps predict who is most likely to repay a debt.

Credit scores are this hidden black box.  Often not understood and also outside of the scope of what we cover with clients.

I do know this – you must use caution.  The credit repair companies can’t really have anything altered in your report, if you did the deed, it must stay on your report until it is scheduled to drop off.  If you did not do the deed, then you can simply contest the note on your report and get it removed.