Russian Hackers and your private information

I saw in the newspaper the other day that there is a gang of Russian Hackers that have pulled off the largest, to date, theft of information.  They seem to have secured data from over 400,000 websites.  The question for me is, did they get any of *my* private information?  How can I tell if they did?  Should I be worried?

As luck would have it I have subscribed to several notification services.  The notification I’m sharing here is from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).  This is a government agency.  Hopefully you will get the answers you need too.  This article touches on some ideas about protecting your internet presence.  Don’t assume these steps are 100% accurate nor is this an exhaustive list.

I previously wrote about my technique for protecting my we identity, user names and most importantly passwords – read my article

Read the full article here

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