Silent Retirement Killers – 5 that are avoidable

Over time, we’ve learned that when something is hidden from our view it can be detrimental.  Many things hidden from our view regarding retirement can be detrimental. We call them silent retirement killers. Look at these. You’ll understand you have control over these five items.  By focusing on what you can control you can positively impact your retirement.

Our founder - Richard Loek
Our founder – Richard Loek

Silent Retirement killers

What could possibly kill a person’s retirement?

Many things likely could kill or adversely effect a person’s retirement.  We have comprised a list of the top five items that we feel are retirement killers.

Here are a few more that you may not have thought of yet, in addition to the five.

Improper planning

You probably know that it is one thing to plan. It is another to not plan. Of course, there is improper planning.

If the source of your advice is not accurate or current you will have serious issues with your retirement.

Failing to update you plan

Continue to monitor the plan you create. That is – meet regularly meet with your advisory regularly.  We suggest annually meeting with your adviser.  We have a weekly update that is available to those interested.  We also encourage our clients to call with any questions they have – at ANY time.  The worst thing you can do is not follow up or check-in with your adviser with your questions.

Ignoring your plan

How is ignoring your plan different than failing to update your plan?

You create the plan, be the plan accurate or not. In ignoring it, you simply set it aside – effectively forgetting the plan.  Not updating your plan means you are looking at or following your plan, but not revising the plan as life’s situations would mandate.

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