Redefining Retirement

Consider retirement is not what it was cracked up to be.  There are many people who are struggling to create their “pot of gold.”  They are waiting until they have their pot of gold before they start enjoying life.  Would your like to redefine retirement or maybe you see you can actually define what your retirement might look like – by the time we’re done you will.

Pot of gold

Redefining retirement

People think they have issues remembering things when they get older – they call this “Senior Moments.” Now go back to say a classroom full of forth graders. They forget stuff all day long, their coat, their homework, etc. Are these “Junior Moments?”

Redefining retirement

Retirement came from an old and outdated concept. Retirement was a short-term experience at the end of a working life. Now people live many years, as many as 15-30 or more, in retirement. One huge shift I see as possible is shifting people’e view of life. Why wait until you have a pot of gold, if ever, to enjoy life. Why suffer with a JOB when you could create a life of freedom and passion?  There is something different from a job to a career to a vocation.  Where are you at?

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