Discounted Investment Audit Report – as seen on Google Places

An investment audit report is for all purposes a 2nd opinion.  Our list price for this service is $595.  For those who have saved this offer on Google, we will discount the price by $200 for a final price of $395.  Here is our guarantee – if we fail to expose something that would cost you or your family money, including a level of risk or expense you were not aware of, we will refund your money.  Simply put – we are betting on your having something hidden.  What is hidden from your view?

We represent a select group of families, for whom we can have a major beneficial impact.  We enter into only a handful of new relationships per year, most via personal introductions from our existing clients and associates.  I wanted to offer you a service that we provide to our best clients for the people they care most about.  In my career, I have never seen so much money in motion; so many people wanting someone to “check under the hood” to make sure they are on the right path. People are very unsure of what to do now.

To help the people you care about make informed decisions, we offer our second-opinion service.  We’ll take them through our exclusive Five Key Element Process℠. Our Five Key Element Process is, by design, compassionate and respectful. Our process also fulfills on our promise to deliver, Trust, Respect, Understanding and Love.  We’ll help expose and examine any of the gaps that need to be filled.  My mother worked in the health services field and told me, “…a second opinion simply makes sense…”


  1. We find out that you are in good shape and advise you to stay where you are, or,
  2. We find out that you could better your situation. If we are not a fit for your particular situation, we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction to a financial advisor who can work with you more effectively, or,
  3. We find gaps in your current plan and feel we could provide a significant advantage in helping you reach your goals.  We would then explore the idea of working together with you.

Consider our Investment Audit Report – at this price and guarantee, how can you go wrong?

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