Wishing you a very happy birthday

Before we start, in our experience, [epurl-firstname]

Income during retirement is the #1 concern people have. Said differently, the fear of running out of money is concern #1.  This gift won’t impact that issue.  It might lift your spirits though.

[epurl-firstname], a gift on for your birthday

You are one step away from your gift card – please complete the form to the right and we will also email you a useful e-Booklet on Social Security.  But, before you fill out the form, take a look at our upgrade offer.

Upgrade offer – your current gift is valued at $15.

We also have an upgrade offer, [epurl-firstname]. If you have an interest in a second opinion about your savings and income plan, we will gladly upgrade your gift card to $50.

Our upgrade also includes one complimentary report to show strategies specific to you to help optimize your social security income payments.

What’s the catch – right?!

Fair question – We have met with many, many people just like you, both couples and individuals. Our experience over the years shows us that there is almost always an issue you are not aware of.  By teaching you about your accounts and your retirement plan we are, frankly, cultivating trust.  When we meet, that is if we meet, you’ll see for yourself why other people trust us with their life savings.

With that in mind, we are sweetening the offer. We’ll increase the gift card to $75. That is if we are unable to locate something you were unaware of with respect to your accounts or account setup or possibly even your current plan/planner. If you would like to go for the upgrade, fill out the form to the right and check UPGRADE ME.

Here is the one catch – you need to be open to meeting with us. You can read about our second opinion opportunity here.

Below is a brief video where we discuss our exclusive over-arching process.


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