Investment Audit

Five key elements, stewardship and results
A track record worthy of being proud of.
Before we go any further there is likely a nagging question, “How much will this cost me?”  In our experience this is the most asked question.

Our pricing is competitive and reassures people that they are on the right path. A comprehensive analysis that includes suggestions on where or how you might improve. These reports often reveal information you were not aware of. We have various other analysis and reports we can do.

BONUS: We will include a beneficiary review and a copy of “Retirement Decisions Guidebook” by Ed Slott.

Retirement Decisions Guide by Ed Slott
Retirement Decisions Guide

What's your probability (21%)
What’s your current portfolios probability?
For example, if you have only a 21% probability (sample report) of achieving your goals, would that be important to know?

What's your benchmark probability (84%)
What will your benchmark portfolio reveal?
If we could improve your probability even a little or even all of the way to 84% probability (read sample report) – would that be useful?

Retirement Income Planning Specialist

We use our skills as a retirement income planning specialist to help the people make informed decisions. Primarily we offer our second-opinion service, which includes an investment audit.  We’ll take you through our exclusive Five Key Element Process℠. Our Five Key Element Process is, by design, compassionate and respectful. Our process also fulfills on our promise to deliver, Trust, Respect, Understanding and Love.  We’ll help expose and examine gaps that need to be filled.  My mother worked in the health services field and told me, “…a second opinion simply makes sense…”


  1. We find out that you are in good shape and advise you to stay where you are, or,
  2. We find out that you could better your situation. If we are not a fit for your particular situation, we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction to a financial adviser who can work with you more effectively, or,
  3. We find gaps in your current plan and feel we could provide a significant advantage in helping you reach your goals.  We would then explore the idea of working together with you.

With nothing to lose and so much to gain – call us 408-459-8383 or fill the interest form below.

** Money back guarantee.  Pretty simple.  If we fail to find an issue that you were not aware of we will refund 100% of the fee you pay us to perform the 2nd opinion.  When have you had a second opinion with this guarantee?

** Money Back Guarantee available for families with investable assets of $500,000 or more.

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