Guaranteed retirement income plan – Money back 2nd opinion offer

Holy cow – Guaranteed Retirement Income Plan!

We have an amazing offer!  What our experience shows is that people who locate this offer and take us up on it are committed to having a retirement solution.  A solution that meets their needs often with a Guaranteed Retirement Income Plan.  A solution that is tailored specifically to what they need and have.  Here is a rhetorical question for you – do you want a doctor to write your treatment plan before you enter their office?  Do you want an adviser who writes the plan before they have met you?  (hmm… do they do that…).

Here is what we are offering:

  • Comprehensive review of your current retirement income strategy (including fees you may not know you’re paying)
  • Custom-tailored quote/proposal, based on your situation

We will offer a clear and simple-to-follow plan to get you started, along with strategies designed to provide you with the best rates for the benefits received and the highest contractual income.

Our second opinion service – for more information

Or is you know you want to jump on this opportunity, please call our office now 408-459-8383 or toll-free at 866-589-9366

Guaranteed Retirement Income Plan – usually includes the use of fixed or fixed indexed annuities.  Annuities are the most misunderstood product in financial services.  People who aren’t licensed to sell them of course poo-poo them.  Then there are the miscreants who sell Variable Annuities (well, that was surely harsh).  You may have heard, “I hate annuities and so should you!”  The person missed the word Variable!

If you happen to own a variable annuity we will review it with you as our apology.  Call and ask for our complementary Variable Annuity review – don’t worry, we don’t sell them so you will be receiving objective information.

I ask a very loaded question, if you were to find out that you have been paying $3,000-5,000 per year in hidden annuity fees would you be upset?  This is a typical result per $100,000 variable annuity.