Gearing up for summer – offers included

Time for some fundamental changes to our office

Time to reflect and build out our plans for the remainder of 2015 and gearing up for summer. The year is almost 50% of the year done.  We continue to review what we are committed to and how to grow the business and take care of our clients.

We have committed to adding some new faces to the office this year.  We are currently training a new attorney to work with our niche, IRA accounts.  You may have heard of IRA Beneficiary Trusts in a previous message from me.  We are homing in on being able to provide the very best IRA beneficiary trust.  An IRA Beneficiary trust is not needed in all situations.  It is likely that your family will benefit from one of these.  It is now actually a rare case where an IRA beneficiary trust is warranted.

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We are also actively looking for additional advisers who align with our fiduciary model – the client first or client centered model.  Shockingly, this is not an industry mandated model.  Stock Brokers and Broker Dealers generally speaking do not care for this model.  If you know of an advisor what would fit with our values feel free to make the introduction.

To further this project I will be creating and heading up a best practices study group.  The groups mission is to define how to best serve clients and teach other advisers our client care system.

We have been providing financial planning to our clients and prospective clients for several years.  As we continue to evaluate our processes and look where we can make improvements we see a huge opportunity.  The opportunity is to enhance our financial plans and offer, for an annual fee, revisions to the plans.  NOTE: Reviewing investment progress is a given.

Reviewing that your retirement plan is still on track is priceless.  This is not a fit for all clients.  Call to see if this something you should consider.

We are also reviewing our planning model and pricing.  We will be raising the pricing for financial plans and review of current holdings, those held away from Onesta and Calrima.  We do invest a large amount of time working with prospective clients.  We believe the new pricing will make sense to those who are appropriate to work with us.  We are very excited about how our new program is shaping up.

Here is an offer: IRA Beneficiary review – we have yet to see a beneficiary statement that is setup the way the owner *thinks* it is setup.  Why does this matter?  You worked for the money in your retirement accounts.  Would you like to exercise control over what happens when you pass away?  Would you want your grandchildren to inherit some of the money?  What happens if your heirs die before you die or at the same time?  We can provide this service, usually $195 per account for free for one account.  I’m a betting person – I’ll bet you $50 that I can expose issues about your retirement accounts that you are not currently aware of.  I have only ever had one person who knew about this issue – and she had personally experienced it.

We continue to be committed to our fans (clients).

How are you gearing up for summer?

Make 2015 the year of the hug!