Fixed Income Investment Ideas

Many terms in investing are confusing.

“Fixed income” is a term the can be confusing too.  When you are looking for places to invest your life savings you might be looking for safe places or you might be looking for places that have a level of risk.

Fixed Income is an investment that will generate a fixed rate of return on your investment.  Most people can equate this to a savings account or a Certificate of Deposit (CD).

Fixed Income Investment Ideas

There are also another class of fixed income products – they are alternative products.  Also known as fixed income alternatives.  We are constantly looking for products to meet our clients needs for fixed income.

At this time we have a few products or tools that we like.  These might be a fit for you and they might not be.  The only way to tell is by analyzing your situation to determine your needs and what fits your personal needs.  These are, by the way, only for certain highly qualified investors.

One huge benefit here is we have an institutional product that we use where our clients receive 7% on top of their investment.  Let’s seen an example.  Say you purchase $10,000 of this product.  Your account balance starts at $10,700.00 – I have not seen this anywhere else (this is not an annuity or insurance product and there is risk to your principal).

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