Critical Illness Insurance – Protect Yourself

Protect Yourself From High Deductibles!

Are your health insurance deductibles getting higher and higher?  Critical Illness Insurance – how you can protect you and your family from financial devastation of being diagnosed with a critical illness.  Tune in to learn about the increasingly popular (and increasingly useful) insurance that can help balance high deductibles – Critical Illness Insurance!

Every week Real Wealth Weekly interviews special guests.  In this episode Don Hansen is interviewed regarding Critical Illness Insurance.  This can be a great addition to how you help protect your family from a catastrophic illness.
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Critical Illness Insurance Alternative

Another way to address this concern is a feature of some permanent life insurance policies.  This feature is called “Living Benefits”.  I’m sure you are not looking to add one more expense to your budget.  However, options need to be reviewed and confirm it should or should not be installed.
If you would like to review your health insurance options or how protection from critical illness may or may not fit your needs, please call our office at 408-459-8383 to set an appointment.


Richard Loek is a Real Wealth™ Advisor.