Medicare open enrollment begins
October 15, 2017

Changes during this time take effect
January 1, 2018.

Open enrollment concludes
December 7, 2017.

VIDEOS our retirement planning process

Holistic Advisor – our retirement planning process.

A retirement planning process can be simple, if you’re open to it being simple.  We firmly believe a retirement income planning process should be holistic.  That means we don’t simply look at generating income.  We also look at helping to protect income from taxes.  How to protect income from unexpected expenses and so much more.

The Money Cycle

Bucket Plan

The safe harbor or disclosure would state that past performance is not a guarantee of the future.  All investments have risk and you should speak with a professional advisor.  Read here about additional issues to consider.

Additionally, I always suggest people ask an advisor to show the three other options they ruled out before they chose the one they are presenting.